Utilizing Tamper Evident Labels in Hotel Guest Safety Against Viruses


Posted by Steve Diebold

Hotels are taking every precaution to safeguard their visitors from Covid-19 and provide proper cleaning procedures at this times of widespread outbreak. Many hotels now employ tamper evident labels to secure guest room doors after cleaning and disinfecting.

Once the seal has been applied, removing it would result in a VOID or OPEN warning being left on the label. Through this, guests will be certain that the seal has not been broken since the last cleaning. In the absence of tampering, a label will bear its original warnings without the addition of an open or void symbol. This proves that the room has not been used by anybody else since the cleaning.

Security labels that can't be tampered with have been around for a while and have several uses. This style of label may be found on many different types of equipment, from petrol pumps to credit card readers, so it is easily recognizable.

The most common kind of hotel security label is an adhesive variety like our AC&M LabelzonTM Adhesive Security Label. Red and blue versions, each with 1,000 labels, are readily accessible from stock and include a unique NO-RESIDUE adhesive. When ordering in bulk, you may have your print job designed just for you. In addition to a serial number with a barcode, the stock print has a spot for the date and name of the person who put the label on.

Warning information is limited to the label with NO-RESIDUE adhesive. The words "OPEN" or "VOID" appear in a repeating pattern in which the label was scraped away from the surface. The adhesive simultaneously fails to remain adhered to the doors or doorway trim. Moreover, there is no need for harsh chemicals or laborious scraping to get rid of traces of use.

Purchasing Security Seals

Contact American Casting & Manufacturing for further details, samples, or assistance with utilizing or getting tamper evident security seals for use on hotel doorways or any purpose where you must secure an opening, such as lockers, storage spaces, access panels, cartons, totes, etc.

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